An educational companion

to practice inventing a better world


A place to gather

around the causes you care about
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Dynamic datavisualization gives your students a unique perspective on educational and professional opportunities.

Each student can confidently build his or her own career path, inspired by millions of real-life experiences.
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The Ambassadors

Your students draw inspiration from hundreds of testimonial videos.
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The roadmap

Your students will find all the information they need to succeed in their project on a single page.

They can share it with their teachers, classmates and parents.
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Turnkey, customizable teaching sequences to support classroom use.

Guide your students towards concrete objectives
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A card game to discover your interests

Offer a hybrid teaching sequence with a map game designed to work with MyRoad.

Before exploring the interactive map, your students discover their interests and related professions.
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Make your institution a player
in the ecological and societal transformation

The survey published by Les Echos Start in March 2022 shows that 92% of young graduates looking for a job are looking for meaning. More than two thirds of students are looking for a job in line with their values.

With MyRoad, your concrete commitments to the environment and society are valued and serve your attractiveness.
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"Using a map like on Maps to plot my route helped me find an alternating xxx that I didn't know about."
Jean Dupont
Student at NEOMA
"Thanks to Myroad, I was able to immediately talk to people who told me about their jobs and one of them offered me a teleworking placement!
Jean Dupont
Student at NEOMA

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