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Inspiring each other

Saving the planet brings us together in an inter-generational spirit of support. MyRoad offers a new kind of video that allows you to reach a large number of people interested in your experience. Tell us about your daily life, the opportunities and difficulties you encounter in your job or your training.

You are a student or a professional

  • Share your unique experience with those who are interested in your journey
  • Share your commitment to changing practices
  • Are you an alumni? Participate in the transformation of your school, your testimony will be visible to students
Become an ambassador

You are a teacher

MyRoad is designed to be used in the classroom by your students, on their laptops, tablets or in front of a computer. Join the hundreds of teachers who are already fans of MyRoad
  • Simply by sending students to the application for free exploration
  • With teaching sequences, Expeditions. Use the ones offered in the expedition library, or contact us to create your own customized sequence.
  • With the card game designed to work with MyRoad. Your students will discover their interests, the careers that match them and explore possible career paths. Contact us to use it now.
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For civil society actors

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Companies: recruit without pretence

Far from the smooth speech of recruiters, tell the reality of your daily life to present your job and your company through stories (immersive testimonial videos). Meet directly with people who are interested in your company and who have or wish to acquire the skills you have defined.
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