A tailor-made learning path for your students

Take your students on an expedition

MyRoad is a companion application whose objective is to help students mobilize their knowledge in the context of an innovative personalized educational activity: the expedition.

The expedition guides and accompanies the student to the achievement of an objective that is part of the school's educational program. It is a real learning and evaluation situation (also called an integrative situation).

The expeditions give the student a more concrete sense of control over his or her learning. They stimulate the awareness of their skills, on which they can evaluate their progress. At each stage of an expedition, he can validate - or have validated - the addition of skills to his profile.

A digital logbook

Directly in the app, the pathway simulator helps the student find projects - educational, professional, humanitarian - and build a network.

The choices made generate roadmaps listing the initial skills and the skills they will acquire at the end of their course. The student uses the app as a logbook to document all his activities.

The expeditions introduce short-term, progressive and motivating goals, and can be adapted to each level of a curriculum.

The benefits of this new format

For your training institution

You gather your existing pedagogical know-how in a stimulating course for your students.

You digitalize your professionalization courses that the most advanced students will be able to complete independently. Your teaching teams can thus devote themselves to supporting those who need it most.

You offer innovative pedagogical support to your students by helping them to enhance the value of their diploma in their search for an internship, a job, further studies, etc.

You can involve the school's partners (companies, local actors, etc.) in the design of this content (for example, create a "civic journey" expedition with an NGO, create an "internship search" expedition with a company, etc.).

For your students

They value a unique experience in your educational program.

They implement a concrete plan of action to achieve their goals (internship, thesis, humanitarian mission, stay abroad...).

They can match their aspirations with their curriculum.

They participate in the transformation of your educational institution.

They testify

"MyRoad is a powerful career accelerator for our students: finding internships, learning about the engineering profession and its evolution, becoming part of the alumni network... "
Frédéric Morin
Teacher at Sigma
"With Myroad, our students benefit from a unique educational tool that encourages them to imagine their future in accordance with the strong values that characterise this new generation of engineers. "
Frédéric Morin
Teacher at Sigma
"With the workshops organised around Myroad, we have seen a much better understanding of the diversity of careers that our courses offer."
Frédéric Morin
Teacher at Sigma
"In 2021, first years also found their internships much easier thanks to Myroad."
Frédéric Morin
Teacher at Sigma
"Myroad is quick to pick up and unrivalled in terms of graduate route visualisation."
Frédéric Morin
Teacher at Sigma